Chalkboard Home kitchen Cylinder

Glass cylinders are useful, affordable and readily available, however can be a bit boring. Blackboard paint and an easy-to-apply stenciled detail will change them into a special accessory for any kitchen.

Products Needed:
glass canister( s).
flexible determining tape.
painters' tape.
glass-etching cream.
1 ″ paint brush.
chalkboard spray paint.
rectangular or square stencil that fits canister.
2 ″ foam brush.
latex or acrylic craft paint.
Tidy Canister.
Clean each glass cylinder with soap and water then completely dry with a tidy fabric or towel.
CPGC Measure and Tape.
Utilizing painters' tape, make a square on the outside of the container to the dimensions of the stencil. Make certain the taped-off area is level and centered on the cylinder. Suggestion: A versatile measuring tape utilized for stitching will be simpler to use on the curved surface area of the canister than a metal measuring tape.
Apply Etching Cream.
Brush on a thick coat of etching cream inside the taped area utilizing a one-inch wide paint brush. Etched glass will supply tooth for much better paint adhesion. Follow maker's directions for activation time and etching cream removal treatment. Get rid of painters' tape after rinsing the engraving cream. Completely dry cylinder with a clean towel. Tip: Make sure to use etching cream, not a product that frosts glass or only simulates etching.

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